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Romantic Vacations to Krabi | A Perfect Krabi Guide

Krabi, the ultimate beach paradise is indisputably the best vacation destination for the romantics. As soon as we think of a romantic getaway, what comes to our minds are – calming blue ocean, scenic caves, tranquil and secluded natural pools, dense and unadulterated rain forests and much more. What if we have all of these in one place?

That is Krabi!

A Krabi Trip is definitely a top contender for a honeymoon choice list. Your trip will be filled with amazing options, from stays to romantic dinner reservations. This place will surely leave you wanting for more.

What follows below is a comprehensive Krabi guide specially collated for you, so that it will be easier for you to make the right decisions and choices. 

Starting off with… 

Safety Tips

There are certain important points to keep in mind before you embark on the much awaited vacation as a couple – your Krabi Honeymoon.

  • Always carry your ID proofs with you when you go on sightseeing tours
  • A prescribed medical and first aid kit is a must
  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen lotions are compulsory
  • Given that Krabi has a tropical monsoon climate, it’s always good to have an umbrella or a raincoat with you when you step out
  • While going out, always be mindful of wearing expensive items
  • Always keep emergency phone numbers handy
    • Tourist Police: (075) 637 208, Hotline: 1155
    • Police: (075) 611 222, Hotline: 191 
    • Fire Brigade: (075) 611 111, Hotline: 199
    • Krabi Hospital: (075) 611 212, 626 700, Fax: (075) 611 202
    • Search & Rescue: Tel: (075) 622 581, 612 756

Where to stay?

Given the tourism Krabi attracts, it has a whole lot of choices of staying. Budget hotels in the city where you will be at the epicentre of activities or luxurious resorts and spas on the beachfront surrounded by nature on all sides; you can choose anything depending on your preferences. Thailand is known for its hospitality, hence whichever stay you choose you are in for a very comfortable experience throughout your Krabi Honeymoon.

Here are a few of our picks for your Krabi trip based on the budget criteria

  • 3 Star Accommodation
    • Andaman Pearl Resort
    • Koh Jum Resort Krabi
    • Krabi Resort
  • 4 Star Accommodation
    • Bluesotel
    • Aonang Fiore Resort
    • Island Hideaway Resort
  • 5 Star Accommodation
    • Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villa
    • Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort
    • Zeavola Resort

What to do?

1. Temple Visits

Thailand is one of the biggest followers of Buddhism. Their temples are world famous for their religious discipline, spectacular surroundings, and impeccable craftsmanship. Krabi is no less. Your Krabi Honeymoon is incomplete if you haven’t visited one of these peaceful wonders. The temples in Krabi are known for its unique location, history and easy accessibility.

Here are some of the most popular shrines you can visit during your Krabi Trip

  1. Wat Tham Seua
  2. Wat Kaew Korawaram
  3. Wat Sai Thai
  4. Wat Khlong Thom Temple and Museum

The temples usually open by 7am and close by 6:30 pm

And they do not charge anything as an entry fee. But they do accept monetary donations.


  • Be mindful of your attire and make sure you cover your shoulders and legs, else it is considered disrespectful. 
  • Slippers are not allowed inside the temple premises
  • Be careful of monkeys, carry as minimum as possible 

2. Natural Escapes

Given most of Krabi comes under one or the other natural reserve, you will have a plethora of choices to make for a romantic rendezvous. Krabi is like a heaven for nature lovers. During your Krabi trip you can experience mesmerising hidden ponds and hot springs all in one place. The visual joy of the gushing, pure white waterfalls amidst wild, untamed forests is an experience of its own. You are sure to be mesmerized by Krabi’s greeneries and this experience is going to be an evergreen memory of your Krabi Honeymoon trip.

    • The Emerald and Blue pools
    • Railay Caves
    • Klong Thom Hot springs
    • Ao Luk Mangroves
    • Than Bok Khorani Waterfalls

All these places charge a nominal fee for entrance as most of them come under the National Reserve forests. Entry fee might range from 200 to 800 Rupees per person.


  • Please don’t carry any valuable items, as you may leave your baggage at one place and might enter the waters
  • Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, prescribed medicines and first aid kits are a must
  • Always carry an additional pair of clothes and towels

3. Island Hopping

This is a permanent and a must-have itinerary on anyone’s Krabi Honeymoon trip. People usually stay in Krabi for this very reason. There are a multitude of island options to go to during your Krabi Trip. The islands here are world famous for their mysterious rock formations which attract rock climbing enthusiasts from all over the world and their secluded beaches and surrounding lush greenery are also equally popular.

They are not only famous for their peaceful surroundings but also for some heart racing water activities which is a great way to explore the sensational underwater marine species. It is not necessary for you to know how to swim. You will be guided by a PADI certified diver who will not leave your side for the entire duration of your activity.

Some of the activities you can enjoy with your partner are

  • Deep sea diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • White water rafting
  • Windsurfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Sea kayaking

The best islands to visit are

  • Koh Phi Phi
  • Koh Tap and Koh Mor
  • Koh Lanta
  • Koh Talu
  • Koh Poda
  • Koh Hong
  • Koh Gai

4. Shopping

What is a vacation without buying any souvenirs, especially when you are on a Krabi Honeymoon? It is a mandatory item on the bucket list of every single person who travels and if it is especially out of the country, it is a must-do thing!

The most famous things to buy in Krabi are its handmade artefacts, printed fabric and silk. Krabi is known for its street shopping. Walking streets are an extremely popular genre of shopping in Thailand itself. Just pack some extra bags for the sole purpose of shopping and you are good to go!

Don’t miss out on the hot, spicily, aromatic, and world famous street food when you are there. 

The best shopping centres in Krabi are – 

  • Krabi Town Walking Street
  • Ao Nang Walking Street
  • Vogue Shopping Center
  • Talad Sod, Fresh Market etc

Apart from the above, go on some romantic Candlelight Dinners, Cruises, and Couple Spas and fill your albums with the most cherished memories!

Final Thoughts

Krabi is one place which will never leave you disappointed in any aspect. Krabi is the perfect destination for an everlasting memory of your first trip ever, as a couple. 

Refer to 30 best things to do in Krabi for more options on your Krabi-to-do-list. 

Bon Voyage!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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