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Stress-Free Wardrobe for Plus Size Women’s in Simple Ways

Don’t you often think, what’s the point of holding on to those things that don’t serve us anymore? This is what minimalists ask.

Be it about letting go of your huge apartment and cutting down the wardrobe or practicing mindful eating; a minimalistic lifestyle is all about living with only what you need the most. Honestly, you don’t need anything more when you can live with less. 

Why become a shopaholic turned minimalist?

Let’s think about some possible situations. Do you own those outfits that you wore once and keep those in your wardrobe forever? Do you often end up buying those outfits even knowing that buying those will be a bad idea? Do you really need to have new jeans and brand new trendy jackets once a year? Do you need to hide your purchases from your parents or partners for spending money out of your budget? Do you stress out to find your favorite influencers’ “Summer outfit collection”, knowing that these are not your style? 

If you face the same, buckle up! Time to start minimalist fashion! 

Keep it simple. Just pick any of your outfits and think, have you used it in the last 3/4 months? Will you use it further? If “no”, then let it go! Here’s why you should shift to leading a minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle for yourself.  

  • When you choose to do less shopping, you can create space only for what is essential. 
  • You will end up saving money, and you will value your hard-earned cash. 
  • You will become less stressed and less exhausted by looking at your less stuffed closet. 
  • You will stop looking for those “I wish” clothes and stop comparing yourself with others. 
  • De-cluttering your wardrobe, you will feel more you, happier, and more confident.

Plus-size minimalist fashion

Minimalism is a concept in a fashion that works with any size, any age. Along with the growth of the plus-size clothing market, we also get to see the rise in the popularity of minimalistic styling for curvy women. Nowadays, in Australia, brands and designer plus-size clothing online or offline focuses on producing trendy, high quality, minimalistic outfits, and styling options. Many labels of trendy plus-size clothing in Australia prioritize sustainable fashion. 

Here comes the idea of plus-size capsule wardrobes, which focuses on quality over quantity and living with less. A capsule wardrobe contains those essential, interchangeable, and timeless clothing pieces to buy less and wear more. Capsule wardrobe makes the curvy women’s dressing easy as among those few pieces of clothing they can wear interchangeably throughout the year. 

Yes, it would be hard to stop stocking your wardrobe for every season and occasion, but it is high time to cut out the size and create a stress-free wardrobe. 

Guide to kick-start towards creating a stress-free wardrobe 

Explore a life-changing experience and embrace minimalist fashion and lifestyle. Let’s start with your tangled wardrobe. 

Create your own rule

Get back to basics and flaunt your curvy body with your timeless clothing. Set your own shopping goal, such as selecting 20 outfits for four months and determine not to buy any outfit in this period. Try to ditch your seasonal dress shopping. Be creative, make your combination and show more of yourself. 

Normalizing and getting comfortable with wearing the repeating outfits

Try to normalize the practice of wearing old clothes. Use the hashtag #OOOTD (old outfit of the day), post it on your social media account, and celebrate your old outfit. This will not let you look less trendy at all; instead, it will show your sustainable fashion sense. Try to rediscover your old clothes and create mixed and matched outfit combinations. 

Less is easy to handle

Fewer clothes in your wardrobe are always easy to handle. Just imagine having a crowded closet full of cramped outfits with no particular order. All it needs is just extra work and extra stress to get dressed each morning. With fewer options, you get more space in your closet and arrange it accordingly. 

Make a shopping list for clothes

When you are going to buy a new outfit, make a list. Take a look in your wardrobe and try to shop your closet; list down the dress you don’t have to create your desired look. Always stick to your list, or else you will end up buying two more outfits along with your preferred one.

Organize a donation pile

Donation creates a great chance to clean out your closet as well as dump clothes in goodwill. Pieces in good condition that are no longer your style can be helpful for many people who can’t afford to buy new items. 

Handle and care for your favorite outfits

To thin out your closet, make sure to handle those outfits yourself you genuinely love. Pay attention to the care labels and store them properly to maintain the quality of fabrics and colors. Make your favorite outfits last longer to style. 

Look for online rental sites or community clothing swap events

Need an outfit for a special event coming up this week while being fashionably sustainable? Just borrow instead of buying! Many online fashion rental and borrowing sites got you covered to get trendy plus-size clothing in Australia for your next event. Even you can find out about community clothing swap events in your community to get perfect a “new-to-you” item. 

Get yourself a good tailor

We all have a closet corner filled with poor-fit outfits. To reuse those outfits that don’t fit your shape anymore, a good tailor is a must. It is a great way to enlarge your closet without going to the market to buy new outfits. 

Experiment with what you have

Pick all your “go-to” styles and experiment by mixing and matching those items. Rely on what you own and find the mix and match possibilities instead of buying more outfits. Along with saving money and time, it will make you less stressed.  

Reduce your accessories

Keep those items that coordinate with your existing outfits. Buy those pieces that go with multiple dresses. To maintain your capsule wardrobe, it is essential to minimize the number of accessories keeping only some basic items. 

These are some ways to get started towards creating a stress-free wardrobe.

Try it out because it’s worth it!

Your journey towards a minimalistic or capsule wardrobe will be challenging, but the reward will be worthwhile. With a variety of plus-size clothing in Australia, plus-size women are getting too many choices nowadays, which is creating frustration and killing inspiration. Know your style, but those in your plus size capsule wardrobe because there is no such “must-have” piece when it comes to personal styling. Gradually you will learn to adjust and feel confident because all your clothes are your best.  

And finally, always be careful of how much energy, money, and time you are spending on your wardrobe. There indeed is no wrong with going with the new trendy fashion and buying new items. But when you already own a closet full of outfits, is it necessary to follow every trend when you can appreciate those new styles without owning them? 

AuthorClaire Dunn is a freelance writer and an independent blogger who writes about communication, sustainability, technology, fashion and home improvement.She aspires to become a professional writer and make a difference in society and the world we live in.

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