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The Significant Saudi female Travel Instagrammers

Despite everything you have read regarding the tours and travels to Saudi Arabia through any social media platform, let me tell you one thing: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is brimmed with beautiful rural and urban landscapes along with archeological sites. 

You might have known this Middle Eastern territory as the Muslim holy site for the two Islamic pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah.

But there is much more to implore and explore about this Islamic Kingdom, whose possessors are ready to welcome you with open arms, whether you are an adult male or female traveler intending to enter solo or with family.

Softening of Ultra-Conservatism

During the last few years, lots of super-strict Saudi rules and regulations have been softened in this once-ultra-conservative Arab territory. Fair sex has acquired considerable welcoming benefits from the flexibilities and relaxation in the extra-strict anti-feminist codes in the state.

The commendable changes are evident in the form of the Ministry’s consent for female car driving and car ownership. Furthermore, the permission of public hangouts for men and women is also a praiseworthy step to promote international tourism.

The Saudi government . has overwhelmingly opened up the doors to international tourism. It amiably offers us to feast our eyes and souls with the wondrous, eye-catching gem spots of the country. The government . also welcomes us to sway in the spells of rich and diverse Saudi culture.

Moreover, you would also be allowed to upload your Arabian trip pictures on your favorite social apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Snap Chat.

Your amiable Saudi Visa can let you sway for 90 days, during which you are allowed to get a thrilling tourist experience to cherish forever.

Conditions of Solo Saudi Female Travel

Yes, a single woman can apply for a Saudi visa as long as she is 25 years old or older. You don’t need any male guardian consent this time to fulfill your wanderlust.

A Female-Friendly Touristy Space

Saudi Arabia is open to all. If you are a solo female traveler, you can have a bag pack ready with a certified visiting Saudi visa and head on towards a memorable Arabian journey to amaze and amuse yourself.

Moreover, the diverse Saudi culture is capable enough to turn your dream trip into a pleasant reality. You can ramble into the traditional Saudi souks, satiate yourself with lip-smacking Saudi food, and shop in the grand, scintillating shopping malls of urban Riyadh and Jeddah.

In the past two years, modesty, respect, and flexibility have been seen in Saudi male dwellers for the touristy fair sex.

Modesty in Terms of Dress-Codes

Solo Saudi Female Traveling

However, the inevitable principle of solo Saudi women traveling is none other than “modesty.”. It means accepting your host culture with the utmost respect in terms of dress codes.  When you ramble into the streets and roads of the Islamic Kingdom, make sure to put on longer outerwear to cover your upper and lower bodies properly.

Moreover, the traditional female outerwear of Saudi Arabia is known as the Abaya, which is mostly black. But you can have them in multiple colors as well. You can also think of it as the fashion icon of Saudi women.

If you feel uncomfortable in Abayas, you can use the full-coverage longer outerwear or lengthy shirts for tension-free strolls.

Saudi Female Travel Influencers

Saudi Female Travel Influencers

You can also strengthen your solo travel plan in Saudi Arabia through the personal travel stories and experiences of popular female Saudi and non-Saudi travelers, bloggers, and Instagrammers.

These tourist personalities have used the social media platform to instill confidence and courage in global female tourists to satiate their solo travel dreams in this moderately Islamic Arab territory. 

Nada Al Nahdi

She is Yemeni or Indonesian and was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia.  She is married and lives in Saudi Arabia now. She is now on a full-time errand for a company and works from home. But she appreciably manages her work to satisfy her wanderlust or traveling desire. She shares her travel trips, itineraries, and future tour plans with the public to inspire holiday and travel lovers.

Her love for Saudi Arabian territory shows the reverent place of women in Saudi Arabia. To shatter the wrong portrayal of this Arabic kingdom. She writes inspirational travel blogs and articles about the breathtaking beauty of Saudi Arabia. She wants future travelers to regard this Islamic kingdom atop their must-visit list.

Laura Alho

She is a Finnish woman married to a Saudi gentleman. She is the founder of the popular website “Blue Abaya.”. She is a competent travel blogger and Instagrammer from Saudi Arabia. Her works have left no stone unturned to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia. She calls the Arabian land “the magical kingdom” with astonishing beauty.  You can follow her web page,Blue Abaya, on Instagram to learn about the exciting must-visit places in Saudi Arabia. You also get appealing snaps of the splendid Saudi places to add to your future travel diaries.

Esraa Rayes 

She is a travel influencer and Instagrammer.  She is a Saudi graphic designer who left her job to travel. She is one of the members of the Saudi Arabian travel organization known as Qairawan, which encourages people to travel and explore the wonders of the Saudi Kingdom. Like Rayes, Nada Al Nahdi is also a part of this commendable travel organization.

Mashael Alsolai

She is a Saudi Instagrammer who has 3,686 followers and follows 288 on Instagram. As per profile information, she is an adventurer, jeeper, and wanderer. She is an architect by profession. But her wanderlust has compelled her to fill her Instagram account with appealing pictures of the beautiful Saudi Kingdom. Follow her Instagram page, which you can find under the name “Mearch_, to excite your senses.

Sara Omar

She is a Saudi TV host and a co-founder of El-Makkan. It is an organization that is dedicated to traveling. Sara’s Organization promotes the significance of tourism and encourages travelers to explore the hidden gems of this Wonder World to feast their eyes and souls. You can follow this energetic lady on her Instagram page, @saraomar_travels, to get travel inspiration.

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