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Travel Report: The Best Cities in the World to Travel with Your Pets

New York (USA), London (UK), and Mexico City (Mexico) will take the top three spots for the most pet-friendly destinations in 2022

The number of people traveling abroad with their pets has started to see a spike in recent years; there has been a 20% increase in families traveling with their pets over the last decade. Of course, it can’t be an easy decision to leave your four-legged companions at home, especially when they are close to you.

In fact, research shows that over 80% of pet owners in the UK feel guilty about leaving their fluffy friends alone in the house. So, why don’t you take your furry companions on your next trip to enjoy it even better? 

To help you decide the best destination to travel to with your pets, Iceland’s flagship airline, Icelandair has analyzed over 40 of the most visited cities in the world by international travelers to identify the popular destinations that are most pet-friendly in the world. Looking at factors such as the number of pet-friendly parks, pet grooming parlors, pet shops, pet-friendly hotels, and restaurants, the team has analyzed and ranked the cities based on the highest scores. 

Icelandair’s top 30 picks for the most pet-friendly destinations worldwide

Top 3 global cities for Pet-friendly travel in 2022

  1. New York (USA),
  2. London (UK),
  3. Mexico City (Mexico)

New York, the most populated city in the US, tops the list by offering a great deal of pet-friendly venues across the city. The vibrant and bustling city will be exciting and welcoming, not only to you but also to your four-legged friends. 

London in the United Kingdom takes the second spot. A city known for its rich history and magnificent ancient buildings is also known for having plenty of local parks, green spaces, and gardens to have a perfect stroll with your dogs. While New York has the highest number of pet grooming parlors in the world, London has the greatest number of pet-friendly parks in the world.  

Mexico City, one of the oldest and largest cities in America, filled with rich cultural heritage, comes in third. Dogs are the usual choice of pets in Mexico City, and there are loads of pet-friendly hotels and eateries across the city to wind down and have a bite. 

Top 3 European destinations for Pet-friendly travel in 2022 

  1. London (UK),
  2. Paris (France),
  3. Madrid (Spain)

London ranks as the most pet-friendly destination in Europe, followed by Paris in France. While London is revealed to have the highest number of pet-friendly parks worldwide, Paris is found to have the largest number of pet-friendly hotels in Europe. 

Madrid, the city known for historical buildings, food markets, and the royals, takes the third spot on the continent. Traveling and dining with your pet in Madrid can be easier than in most other destinations, as it has a great deal of pet-friendly restaurants and cafes across the city. 

Top 3 North American destinations for Pet-friendly travel in 2022

  1. New York (USA),
  2. Mexico City (Mexico),
  3. Ottawa (Canada)

New York and Mexico City are already revealed as two of the top global destinations for pet-friendly travel, but what about the other North American destinations?

Ottawa in Canada ranks as the third best destination in the Americas, followed by Buenos Aires in Argentina, the city that has the highest number of dog owners in the world. Canada has the largest number of pet-friendly parks next to London and New York, so there are plenty of opportunities for your pets to roam freely and socialize. 

Top 3 Asian destinations for Pet-friendly travel in 2022

  1. New Delhi (India),
  2. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia),
  3. Bangkok (Thailand)

The top pet-friendly Asian destination to travel to is New Delhi in India. Surrounded by abundant greenery with numerous parks and gardens, you will allow your exuberant pet companions to feel the vast space around them and enjoy running and playing at full bore. 

Besides parks, New Delhi has numerous pet-grooming parlors across the city, so you can always keep your furry animals shiny and healthy throughout your trip

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia takes the second spot. The vibrant and exotic capital city offers your pet a decent space of green belt to roam and have a splendid outdoor time with you. The city also offers plenty of pet sitters to look after your lovely pooches if you are too busy shopping in the malls or exploring the city.


To reveal the best cities for pet-friendly travel, we compiled a list of over 40 global cities based on their tourist popularity and analyzed a variety of factors. We specifically looked at:


  • Tourist Arrivals 
  • Pet ownership 
  • Pet-friendly hotels 
  • Pet-friendly eateries 
  • Pet-friendly parks 
  • Pet Shops
  • Pet grooming parlors 
  • Vet clinics 


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