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Tips For Choosing Dog-Friendly Living Room Furniture

Dogs may love the outdoors, but in reality, they spend a great deal of their everyday canine life indoors. In fact, it’s not unusual for pet parents to leave them by their lonesome for eight hours, Mondays to Fridays.

That’s why you need to learn how to shop for dog-friendly living room furniture! This guide will make the decision-making process easy and quick.

What is making your home dog-friendly?

Before you start buying luxury dog bed furniture, you have to understand one important point: what it means to have a dog-friendly home.

To put it simply, it is a home where you and your dog (and even their puppies!) can live harmoniously and happily. It may mean modifying your space to make it accessible, safe, and suitable for your dog’s needs.

Snuggle brown luxury dog bed

Here are some ideas:

  • Large Space – Do you know that a big yard is one of the requirements of millennials when choosing a house? It’s because they love to have enough space for their furry friend. This also explains why many apartments or condominium units disallow tenants with pets, especially canines. Dogs come with an almost unlimited amount of energy, and sufficient space suggests they can exhaust it safely without chewing your sofas and shoes.
  • Sleeping Space – Dogs can be clingy, so they may like to snuggle with you at night. Humans, though, also need privacy and even uninterrupted sleep. It’s essential that pooches too have their own sleeping quarters. If you cannot have a dog den, then a warm, comfortable dog bed will do.
  • Hard Flooring – From foot traffic and countless dog runs, your flooring takes a lot of beating. You need this to be strong, so wood and tiles are better options.

How about carpets? Experts believe you should ditch them. Besides being difficult to clean, they can collect dirt, grime, and bacteria. Rugs are okay, but the right dog-friendly living room rugs should be slip-proof for your dogs’ and belongings’ safety.

What is the best living room furniture for dogs?

Now, let’s talk about shopping for the right dog-friendly living room furniture. Many people are apprehensive to buy a couch because they don’t want to spend a lot of money on reupholstery or new sofas later.

In reality, it’s all about choosing the best material and design, as well as plenty of tips to keep your dog well behaved when in the living room.

What type of couch is best for dogs?

You can consider the following questions when choosing the right couch for a living room:

Big dog on the leather sofa

  • How big is your dog? If you plan to let them sleep and lounge with you, then size matters.
  • How tall is your pooch? You want to make your couch as accessible as possible, especially if you have toy dogs or older dogs. Senior pooches usually tend to develop aching joints.
  • How much space is available? If you want flexibility with the living room layout, go for multisectional or modular sofas.

What type of upholstery is best with pets?

What is the best dog-friendly furniture material for a couch or sofa? One of the must-haves for a dog-friendly upholstery for living room furniture is stain resistance.

It doesn’t mean it won’t get dirty, but you or carpet cleaning pros shouldn’t spend hours trying to get it off. Some of the best options are leather sofas, as well as cotton couch covers. You can also choose synthetic materials.

As much as possible, the sofa must not absorb wetness (such as dog drool) or let dirt mesh with the fabric.

Should you allow dogs on furniture?

Let’s face it, nothing can make your dog happier than spending time with you, even if it means cuddling with you on a couch.

Husky on the bed

The question, therefore, is not the best one to ask yourself. Instead, ask, “How can I protect my couch from my dog?”

Aside from selecting a stain-resistant upholstery, you can:

  • Take your dog for a walk to help them release any pent-up energy.
  • Scatter some toys in the living room to keep them stimulated onto other things, not on your furniture.
  • Use a dog repellant spray on your furniture.
  • Set up a mudroom.
  • Groom your dog regularly.
  • Trim their nails.

Understand the reasons why they’re chewing on your furniture.

Luxury dog bed furniture

What goes well with a human couch or sofa? It’s a dog bed, of course! However, would it be smart to invest in the best dog-friendly furniture like a luxury bed?

The answer is yes. The plushiest beds do come with a premium price tag, but if dogs are family, you want to give them the best too.

It also pays to invest in beds with luxe dog-friendly furniture fabric for the following reasons:

  • Dogs can spend many hours asleep. You want to give them the best support for their body.
  • Some pooches may need specialized beds. These include those who have or are prone to joint issues.
  • Many of these premium dog beds are durable and easy to maintain. For instance, the fabric or the cover may be machine washable.
  • They can make your living room more visually appealing.

Dogs, in fact, are opposites of those critters. These furry friends can keep you healthy, happy, and stress-free. For being loyal to you, they deserve the best.

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