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Ways to Incorporate Sustainability into Your Corporate Event

Corporate events have long been notoriously known for the massive carbon footprints they leave on the environment. Over the years, however, organizing companies have grown to become more conscious about the impact they create, and more discerning about the practices they use.

Today, many companies have strict sustainable or green policies in their event-hosting endeavors. From the way they conduct the event to the resources they use, every aspect is closely analyzed and optimized to ensure that the environmental impact is as minimal as possible.

While many companies have already made sustainability a conscious choice, many have still not joined the bandwagon for many reasons, including cost and resource restraints. Unfortunately, we are moving towards a time when sustainability will no longer be a “choice”, which makes it crucial for all to incorporate green initiatives mandatorily.

Hence, is time to take steps and play an active role in making the world a better place to live in.

As a head start to your journey, here are some great ways to incorporate sustainability into your next corporate event.

Create a comprehensive eco-friendly event policy

To make sustainability a core part of your events, create an eco-friendly and comprehensive event policy to start with. Lay down the different aspects of hosting events and determine eco-friendly resources to fulfill each need. Refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to see how you should optimize your event planning process and brainstorm ways to either use green resources directly or offset your impact through other means. Ensure that all aspects, starting from the vendors, to the sponsors, logistics teams, and other stakeholders are aware and in line with your sustainability goals. Don’t forget to also establish a budget that takes into account the sustainability initiatives for the event.

Partner with a holistic and high-quality Las Vegas event furniture rental company

When looking for resources to power your event, find a comprehensive supplier of rental items – one that offers a wide range of options under one roof. This will not only save you the hassles of dealing with multiple vendors, but will also cut down your logistics and rental costs, cut down the consumption of fuel for transportation, and reduce pollution. Additionally, high-quality suppliers often choose sustainable inputs for their rental items, which helps you achieve your sustainability goals as well.

For example, Modern is a full-service event rental company, where we carry a wide selection of rental items. From lounge sofas and chairs to outdoor furniture, illuminated rentals, bars, stage sets, multi-dimensional backdrops, and truss structures, we provide everything you need to host an elevated corporate event experience. We also provide delivery and pick-up services as we serve to be a hands-on service provider. Partnering with us will ensure that your event needs are fulfilled under one roof, while you get to reduce the impact you create on the environment through logistics.

Choose an eco-friendly venue

When selecting a venue to host your event, choose one that actively follows or meets prescribed sustainability guidelines; for example, hotels or resorts that have an IACC Green Star certification, a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, etc. If you cannot find suitable or accessible venues with these certifications, look for other sustainability criteria to meet your goals. For venues that utilize renewable energy sources, recyclable or repurposed items in the premises, etc.

Go hybrid

To make your offline event inclusive and to reduce the carbon impact of having guests fly in from far-off countries, choose a hybrid model. This will not only delight your attendees but will also increase your reputation as a host. Anticipating the guests that will be attending virtually, book a smaller venue, with fewer rental items to further reduce the environmental impact. Partner with a holistic Las Vegas event furniture rental company to get access to customizable and smaller packages, with items required for live-streaming your event.

Use-multi-utility furniture to optimize space consumption

Multi-utility furniture and adaptable furniture allow you to maximize the space available to conduct the event. They let you utilize the same space for more than one activity, thereby reducing the overall area required. For example, at Modern, we have unique charging furniture, which lets attendees lounge comfortably while also charging their digital devices. Other designs, like foldable chairs, can be easily put away or stacked to make space for interactive sessions. Once again, hiring a full-service Las Vegas event furniture rental provider will give you access to many options to practice sustainability.

Wrapping up

Sustainable corporate events are the need of the hour; more companies should ideally optimize their event policies with sustainable practices seamlessly woven into the fabric of the processes. As beginners, incorporate the tips mentioned above and take the first few steps towards eco-friendly events. Partner with a comprehensive Las Vegas event furniture rental company to not only source items sustainably, but also avail of expert tips and advice on the art of organizing environment-friendly shows.

Contact Modern Event Rentals for all your event needs. Give our team a quick call for more insights and experience-driven tips.

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