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What to buy him this Christmas?

Men can be notoriously difficult to buy for. It seems like all they receive are deodorant box kits and socks at Christmas! If you want to get the men in your life something personal that they will love, take a look at the ideas on this list. These gifts can be perfect for your partner, father, or brother. These gifts are great choices for the men in your life. 

Fleece Snood

As the winter months get colder, men like to keep warm. However, it can be difficult to know what size of gloves to get or what styles of hat he likes more. Getting him a fleece snood can be a great way to keep a man warm but can fit any size. They can be available in any color or fabric, but a fleece snood is surely the optimal choice to keep him warm. They are compact, so they can be taken off and carried in bags or pockets very easily. They are a perfect gift for men during the winter months.

Water Bottle

Is he always at the gym, or constantly on the go? Water consumption is significant but oftentimes people don’t get enough as they get busy and forget. Gifting a water bottle could be a really useful gift for men this Christmas. They are available in lots of different patterns and could be personalized with his name to make a more personal gift. Getting a vacuum water bottle is a great idea, as it will keep water cold for a longer period of time. This gift is extremely useful and could make a fantastic stocking filler for any man. 

Coffee Machine

A good coffee machine can be one of the best gifts for men, especially if he’s a caffeine addict. There are many different types of coffee machines that can be bought depending on the style of coffee he drinks the most. There are many coffee machine types available for different budgets. There are coffee machines that need pods or make filter coffee. Doing your research to pick out the best coffee machine that he will enjoy will ensure that he enjoys the gift on Christmas day. They are useful and a great addition to the kitchen, and can also be relatively affordable. 

Vintage Shaving Kit

Many men love the feel of a professional, close shave. Vintage shaving kits complete with a shaving cream brush and handled razor can be a great gift for a man who is passionate about his personal grooming. These can be available as antiques, or as a modern replication of the traditional shaving kit. This could be a great gift for a traditional man. Lots of men prefer a close, wet shave, and a traditional shaving kit can help them get this from their homes. There are many affordable versions of this gift, however, an antique shaving kit can cost significantly more. 

Stationary (Personalised Pen)

Does he have a job or hobby which means he is always signing documents or writing things down? Bespoke stationery such as personalized, well-crafted paper or notebooks can be a great gift for a writer. Another great gift idea could be a personalized, expertly-made fountain pen. Pens are a traditional gift for when a man comes of age and starts work. Fountain pens are precise and always good for handwriting. Having a personalized pen always exudes class and elegance too. This could make a fantastic gift if he is always needing to write things down. 


Take a look at what aftershaves he normally wears. Note down the scents that are used within those aftershaves. If you’re thinking of treating him to brand new aftershave, look for other toilettes that have similar top notes and base notes. This can be a great way to find him a brand-new scent that he will like. Furthermore, take a look at the other scents that are coming out that year. This way you can find him a brand-new scent that he might just love. This can be an awesome gift for a man that cares about his personal grooming. 


A lot of men receive whiskey at Christmas. It is almost cliche. However, if the man likes whiskey, then it can be a fantastic gift. However, instead of getting him the same store whiskey, have a look at the artisan, specialist whiskeys on the market at the minute. A lot of men are enjoying Japanese whiskey at the minute, and there are many brands that are becoming popular. Irish whiskey is also a good alternative. If he is obsessed with American bourbon, however, there are many different types of bourbon emerging onto the market now. 

Beard Trimmer

If the man in your life isn’t a fan of the close shave but likes to keep his beard neat, a new beard trimmer could make a useful stocking filler. Again, there are many different options depending on your personal budget. They can be available with many different adjustments for a professional and tidy beard-trimming experience. They can also be tailored to his hair type or facial shape. This is a classic but always useful gift choice for the man in your life this Christmas. 


Men like to relax at home too! Good lounge pants and t-shirts can be a great gift choice if you know his size well. They are practical but also comfy and stylish, making them perfect for lounging. There are many different options such as cheap men’s hoodies that can suit any budget. If the man in your life needs more clothes that he can relax in, this can be a very thoughtful gift choice. If you spend a bit more and get luxury streetwear, this gift could also become dual-purpose. This is because it could be worn outside and on the go as well as around the house.


Whiskey is a popular choice to give men at Christmas. However, other types of alcohol don’t seem to be gifted as much. However, alcohol such as tequila can make a really good gift for men. There are many different versions of tequila that have amazing flavor profile variations. There are reasonably affordable tequila options, but many artisan tequila companies have become popular recently which can make an elegant and expensive gift. This gift could be a great addition to the man in your life’s at-home bar. Tequila is a classy and thoughtful gift that can make an amazing Christmas day drink!

Styling Gel

For some men, the style of their hair is very important. Many male celebrities such as David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt have popularised the gelled-hair look within men’s grooming. Designer hair gel could make a very useful and thoughtful gift for a man during this festive period. Designer brand Acqui de Palma makes a very popular hair gel, and it is somewhat affordable compared to other designer gels. However, if you’re on a budget, brands such as Schwarzkopf and Bulldog create amazing men’s hair products. Take a look online to find the best-rated men’s hair gel products so you can surprise him on Christmas day. 

Dressing Gown

It is a tradition for a lot of people that they get new pajamas at Christmas. Getting him a matching pajama and dressing gown set can make a fantastic gift. There are many options available that can suit his personality. There are really comfy, affordable designs on the market which promote sleep and relaxation. However, for a more sophisticated look, many brands create printed aristocrat-style pajamas with a matching dressing gown set. This could make a great gift if he likes to look suave and sophisticated. This is such a practical gift, but it is also quite personal. 

New Suitcase

Is he a big traveler? Now that the pandemic has calmed down and we can get back to traveling again, travel can be back on the agenda for millions around the world. Why not mark the occasion by getting him a brand-new suitcase? There are plenty of designer suitcases available that have built-in protection that can protect your belongings. There are also suitcases that have a portable charger built in so you never have a dead phone, which is essential for travel. This can make a thoughtful and fantastic gift for the exploring man during this festive period. 

Vinyl Player

Music is just so much better when experienced on vinyl. There are many different brands of vinyl players on sale, for example, Crosley record players. They are very affordable and have been an industry standard for decades due to their expert manufacturing. They allow music to be experienced exactly as it should be. Thankfully, many artists now release their music on vinyl records. It doesn’t matter whether he listens to The Beatles or Childish Gambino, he can experience his favorite music in the best way possible. This can make a fantastic gift if the man in your life loves music – this way he can listen to his favorite artists in a new way. A record player is also a great decorative piece next to a houseplant on a shelf. 

These gifts are some of the best picks for men at Christmas time. Search online to find the perfectly suited gift, and give him something other than socks on Christmas Day!

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