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Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App in this Pandemic Year 2021

Pandemic severely impacted every business. Last year, it was difficult to deal with the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, businesses were quick to retort with the technology. On-demand apps are the savior of businesses in this pandemic that allows customers to order/book what they want from a business by tapping on the respective on-demand app installed in their smartphones and get it delivered at their doorsteps.

How Mobile apps are advantageous for Businesses in 2021

There is a high percentage of smartphone users globally, and on average, every smartphone user has at least ten apps on his mobile phone. That’s a major reason that businesses around the world are investing in interactive mobile apps. Irrespective of the industry, mobile apps are crucial to sustaining in the competitive market. Mobile solutions are convenient for users, and businesses get a steady flow of profits with smart mobile apps.

Online Marketing

It’s important to stand out from your competitors, and to stand out; you have to provide something new to your customers. With a mobile app, your business can attract millions of users. Mobile apps are a great way to attract users that are not local. Apps help you increase business reach.    

Boosts Brand Building

Earlier, advertisements on radio, TV, and newspaper were the only ways to make people aware of your brand. Now, a mobile app is a great way to boost brand building. Mobile apps help businesses to engage users and allow them to order/book services. Smart apps with useful features help in brand building.

Direct Communication with Clients

Customers like to be heard, and they appreciate it when businesses make it a point to communicate with customers. Apps allow businesses to get in touch with customers directly. Businesses can inform users about any offers, upcoming sales, new launches, etc., through the push notification feature provided in the apps. Also, customers can ask their queries directly to businesses and get answers quickly. With the help of mobile apps, customers can share their concerns with the business, and businesses can reach out to customers and resolve any issues easily. 

Personalized Service

Who doesn’t like a personalized experience? Mobile apps take the business to another level. Through your previous orders, brands get to know about your preferences and help businesses provide customers with a personalized experience. Intuitive apps are a great way for businesses to ensure customers are happy with the brand. 

Effective Loyalty Program

Many businesses offer loyalty programs to engage and retain customers. How about digital loyalty programs? Customers don’t have to come to the outlet physically; instead, the customer can get to know about all the loyalty programs through the app. When customers are rewarded for purchase, there are high chances that they will come back. A mobile app makes the whole process smooth and quick for customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for any business. The real-time tracking feature of apps allows customers to know where the ordered product is and in how much time it will reach them. The feature saves time, as customers don’t have to call the business; they can just open the app and check. Customers like fast service, and they want to be informed, and an app is a great way of doing so.

Makes Your Business Easily Accessible

It is important for businesses to be accessible; if they are not accessible, how else will a customer reach them? There is a high number of people using smartphones, which makes it sensible to use mobile apps. It is hard to reach customers manually; mobile apps increase the customer base of a business.

Increase Revenue

Mobile apps help businesses increase revenue. More customers mean more revenue. On Demand Delivery Apps like food delivery, etc., charge a subscription fee, delivery fee, respectively, which adds to the revenue. Apps make it convenient to suggest products to users. For example, when a customer buys shampoo, one can suggest buying conditioner.


Users want convenience; businesses strive hard to provide their customers with convenience. Apps are a great way to fulfill the wish of customers and businesses. Users get the required information, can order and book products and services, pay digitally, all from the comfort of their homes. Apps are a great way for businesses to show that they care for their customers by providing convenience.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback helps businesses to know whether they are o the right path or some things need to be changed they work. Through customer feedback, a business can know what’s working in their favor and what’s not; they can change strategies to make customers happy. A mobile app is a great way to get real-time feedback from customers.

Dynamic Analytics

Mobile apps provide information to businesses such as how many orders have been placed, how many are pending, best-selling products, revenue generated in a day, week, month, year, etc. Based on the data, businesses can manage the inventory better and avoid wastage.

Final Words

Apart from providing users with convenience, comfort related to placing and tracking orders, mobile apps help users to make informed buying decisions. These apps provide more value to customers. Elements like intelligent data-based UX improvement and online registration are always appreciated by customers. 

In today’s time, if a business wants to build a strong brand, a smart and innovative mobile app should never be ignored. With the pandemic, the business environment has changed, and apps have become an integral part of every business to win customers. Mobile apps ensure that customers interact with a business and have a satisfying experience. 

Day by day, the expectations of consumers are growing, and advanced features of mobile apps are a way to meet those expectations. In addition to that, when a business has its own app, it provides the business with more control; the business can present itself to its customers the way it wants. New businesses often require a limited number of resources; they can add more features when the business expands. Having its own branded app builds business credibility and ensures customers have a great experience; having an app in 2021 is a must for every business to engage customers and increase ROI.

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