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Productivity Tips for Work From Home Moms

Nowadays, companies are not only offering reasonable parental leave policies but also showing more compassion to working parents by allowing them to work in the comforts of their homes. However, between trying to make the experience a little more joyful and ticking off everything on your household to-do list, it’s not easy to be a work-at-home mom.

Not only are you managing your employers’ expectations, but you’re also taking care of your kids all day. With all of these things mixing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to separate work life from home life. It’s overwhelming! And eventually, this will burn you out, making you even more unproductive. 

One thing to remember about this, though, is that you’re not alone! There are so many moms out there juggling their careers and child care. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips you can use to make working from home while raising children and doing household chores a little less stressful for you. Read on! 

Work At Your Best Hours 

The key to finishing many tasks is to work at the hours when you’re most productive. To do this effectively, asses the times you work most efficiently. Once you’ve determined this, focus first on the most critical tasks, such as your obligations at work. 

If you’re more productive at night, concentrate on doing house chores and other daily mommy duties. You can then dedicate the night to focus on office work. 

Performing tasks when you don’t feel like it will only cost you more time. Plus, you’re more likely to make a mistake that you will need to fix. So, before performing any demanding duties, ensure you have the energy and can think clearly. 

Create A Routine With Your Kids 

Your kids will benefit from routines by feeling safe, developing life skills, and forming healthy habits. In return, following set routines will help you feel more organized, less stressed, and have more free time. So, as much as possible, create a schedule that your kids can easily follow, especially if they’re homeschooled. 

Of course, you also have to consider your kids’ ages. If they’re between preschool and elementary, they will need more supervision. This applies to infants and toddlers as well. Make sure to squeeze in some time for social play or let them practice their motor skills with a safe and entertaining play gym.

Your middle and high schoolers can already work independently, but you can still assist them by checking on them and seeing what they’ve accomplished and still need to finish. 

Take Short, But Intentional Breaks

Schedule short break times throughout the day and make the most of them. You can opt to spend quality time with your partner and kids, take a walk, cook lunch or dinner, help your children with their school work, or even catch up with your friends. 

Taking breaks maintains your productivity. Not breaking away from your work tasks or chores will only have a counter effect on our efficiency. So, rest up if you want to be more productive at work and home

Get An Accountability Partner 

Finding an accountability partner when working full-time for a company is easy. Even while working remotely, your team still expects you to perform. They expect you to adhere to deadlines, join conference calls, and be reachable during business hours.

However, you might have to design your own organizational system if you’re a freelancer. In this situation, consider making arrangements to meet another work-at-home parent at a coffee shop or a coworking space and agree to put in an hour of side-by-side work before taking a break to chat.

Can’t leave the house? You can opt to have virtual coworking sessions with a friend over Skype or Zoom. Humans are incredibly social creatures, so we’re hardwired to react to social triggers. 

Ask For Help 

There are times when home life and work life will clash with each other. Unfortunately, these situations are inevitable, and the best thing you can do is admit to yourself that you need a helping hand. 

When clothes are piling up, outsource household chores like laundry. When you have to focus on your job, hire a caregiver, even for just a few hours each week. If a babysitter isn’t financially feasible at the moment, call on a willing grandparent or a trusted family member to come over and spend time with your kids. 

Make Time For Self-Care 

Moms, you’re no robots or machines! Yes, you’re doing multiple roles daily as a career woman and a mother. However, to be at your most productive, you need moments of pure fun and joyful rest. 

Doing this will recharge your mind, body, and spirit! Plus, allotting time for self-care will help you be more present at work and with your family. 

So, do whatever makes you happy, whether that’s taking a warm bath, jogging with your pet, or getting a full eight hours of sleep.

Raising Kids and Working From Home—It’s Possible! 

Moms, while being able to work from home may be practical, that doesn’t make it easy. The most crucial thing you can do right now is to be patient with yourself! 

Make the necessary adjustments by implementing some of the productivity tips we’ve listed above. See which ones feel right to you so you can continue to reap the many, many benefits of working from home. 

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