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Rediscovering The Benefits Of A Lazy Susan

You may recognize or have heard of what a lazy susan is because it’s either you have seen one or used one in your lifetime. A lazy susan is the small rotating tray that sits in the middle of the dining table and rotates to easily access whatever is on it, which is usually food. Vintage ones are made out of wood and are often similar to the finish and weight of a cutting board.

This type of hardware has also stood the test of time and has evolved to be used as a complementary storage option. Aside from seeing it in the middle of the dining table; whether it be at a friend’s house or a glamorous eatery, you can also see people use it in the kitchen and inside their kitchen cabinets. Lazy susans have proven to be a useful tool for item organization.

We need these kinds of little and simple additions to our household that can serve a good purpose like decluttering. Something that can aid you to attain an organized home and improve the accomplishment of your daily chores. Continue reading and be on your way to rediscovering the benefits of a lazy susan.

Easy access to items

The primary usage of a lazy susan is to store items. Over the years, lazy susans have been modified to fit inside cabinets. Those cabinets with built-in lazy susans were designed to take full advantage of a cabinet’s depth for storage and for easy access in case it’s cramped with other items.

With a lazy susan, you can easily reach items and maximize space inside a cramped cabinet. This is a good fit, particularly for cabinets that connect wall-to-wall that have corner cupboards that are difficult to reach. You can simply just rotate the hardware and you can get what you need without exerting a little too much effort on something so simple. Its ease of use makes it stand out among the more popularly used pieces of hardware.

Item assembly

Speaking of ease of usage, lazy susans are not just useful in the kitchen, although they are commonly found in it. Any set of items that you can fit the size of your lazy susan can be put in it. It’s an effective way to organize the items and accessories that you regularly use using one.

Aside from the usual kitchen stuff like condiments and food, you can also stack your lazy susan with the following:

  • Liquor – A good substitute for the typically pricey bar carts, you can put your liquor on a lazy susan. A large one is the best solution to party problems because it offers 360-degree visibility of all the available drinks that you have. Guests can just give it a spin to get their hands on their desired beverage.
  • Vitamins – A small-to-medium size lazy susan is a perfect container for your vitamin or medicine stash. Instead of storing them in dark cabinets, you can now simply place them on a lazy susan and put them near your bedside table or somewhere near where you make your morning coffee and more visible so that you will be reminded to take them. It can also create a new part of your routine that is well worth the initial effort.
  • Beauty products – Between hair products such as shampoo and conditioner, and makeup, your vanity area can be quite messy dealing with these items. You can use small-to-medium lazy susans with sections to stock your beauty products and avoid clutter. On one end you can keep hair products like hair gels, shampoo, masks, etc. and on the other end, you can keep products like foundation, contour cream, highlighter, and eye makeup. In order to give your lazy susan a consistent look and an even balance, place the bulkier items on the bottom and the lighter ones on the front.
  • Refrigerator condiments – Keeping a lot of sauces and condiments can be difficult because of their limited shelf life. You’ll find yourself checking your fridge and looking at a long line of condiments, some of which you haven’t even used. A lazy susan is a fantastic way of preventing condiments that you previously purchased from the supermarket expire without you even having been able to use them. It’s best that you put them on top of your lazy susan roundtable countertop to make them visible. Keep the regularly used condiments at the front and the remaining ones at the bottom.
  • Displaying food art – a fad that has taken over the internet and social media in this generation is food photography and blogging about food. You can also use the lazy susan for capturing the perfect photo of the food that you prepared. Set up your food display on a lazy susan and place it at the center of the dining table. You will find it easier to take photos from different angles since all you have to do is to take the roundtable for a spin. Garner more positive reviews and reactions about your photos online with the lazy susan as an accessory.


With its rotating function, different sizes, and types the lazy susan is one of the most efficient storage organizing tools to ever exist. It’s versatile, doesn’t occupy much space, and can be created using different materials (wood, glass, stainless steel), making it a plus to your interior aesthetics. The convenience provides by being an effective organizational system that only needs minimal effort is a luxury that you should not just let pass by you.

Author – Rosette has a knack for anything DIY. She spent her younger years learning about the different hardware tools and equipment in the hopes of establishing a hardware business in the future. Her career options may have changed, but today, she continues to write so passionately about her first love.

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