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Top 5 Travel Destinations in Qatar

Located in the heart of Western Asia, Qatar is one of the world’s largest transit gateways for people traveling overseas. Qatar is a go-to vacation spot if you are looking for a blissful and luxurious stay in the most homely environments in the world. 

Are you wondering what the best places to visit in Qatar are? With numerous options to enjoy the true spirit of Qatar, like water-sports, the art and culture, and beautiful scenery all around, choosing the best of the lot is quite time-consuming. We have made this job easier for you. Let us take you through a list of the top 5 places you must visit in Qatar and plan your next vacation today!

Best places to visit in Qatar

Qatar is known as the Middle Power in the world and has a very high rate of human development, according to the United Nations. Therefore, you can find some of the finest travel destinations in the world here in Qatar.

1. The Msheireb Museums, Doha 

If you are interested in visiting Qatar for its cultural heritage, then the Msheireb Museums is the place you have to visit! It is one of the four historical and iconic wonders of Doha that represents how it emerged from being a small fishing village as the richest tourist spot today. You can relive the history of Qatar right from its roots at the top Doha sightseeing attractions at this marvellous place!

One of the most famous spots located within these Museums is the Radwani House. It is one of the most-talked-about tourist spots in Qatar. Famous for some of the finest and most delicate historical artifacts, it is the oldest representative of Qatar’s history. The Radwani house was originally built in 1920 by Aki Akbar Radwani and his family. They owned this house for over 70 years, after which it was said to be ruined. An architectural investigation in 2007 restored the house and has been open for public and tourist visits ever since. Rich for its amazing collection of artifacts and outstanding historical brilliance, the Radwani House is one-of-a-kind indeed!

2. Museum of Islamic Art, Doha 

The Museum of Islamic Art is the center of the rarest form of the Holy Quran, which dates back to the seventeenth century. Located in the heart of Doha, this fine piece of architecture has a private island. It is built in one of the unique designs seen in the world because from some angles, it appears that it is floating on water.

Made with the finest limestones found in the world, the Museum of Islamic art is a wonder in itself, which houses more than 15,000 texts and manuscripts. People from every corner of the world come to visit this place for its fantastic collection of manuscripts along with superior quality pottery, textiles, glasswork, etc., from China, India, Iraq, Turkey, and Spain.

3. The Barzan Towers, Al Khor

Built by Sheikh Mohammed bin Jasmin Al Thani in the 19th Century, the Watchtowers are major tourist spots. They are also popular as the Umm Salal Mohammed Fort Towers and are famous for their historical significance and elegance. They were originally built to guard the walled estates against Ottoman soldiers.

These were highly significant in the tracking of lunar movements during the Holy month of Ramadan. It has a unique design which was new at that time in the Gulf, with an external staircase and a rectangular shape. Modern makeshift shacks and houses are built on either side of the towers, surrounding a fortified castle of the Qatari Emir and an Oasis on the outside with beautiful palm trees bringing in a plunge of green everywhere. These are some of the most important culturally rich tourist spots in Qatar, which cannot be missed out if you are visiting this place. 

4. Desert Attractions

When in Qatar, you cannot miss out on the majestic desert locations. Let us show you some of the most exciting tourist spots in the desert. The first spot we will look into is located at a distance of 60 kilometers from the city of Doha, and the Inland Sea is a must-visit if you are looking forward to some adventures in the desert. It is also known as the Inland Sea of Khor Al Adaid and is a natural reserve recognized by UNESCO.

This place is famous all across the globe for its rare sighting, for it is one of the very few places where sand dunes met the sea during the high tide period. Surrounded by majestic landscapes and fantastic rare species of the world, The Inland Sea must be on your list of spots in Qatar while planning for the trip!

If you are in Qatar, there is no question of missing out on the adventurous opportunity of Dune Bashing. Put on your favorite sports apparel and merchandise and visit the plain terrains of the Doha desert to experience some of the best kinds of desert sports in the area! You will be picked up from the city and dropped back as well after your trip is complete for a comfortable stay throughout!

Another fabulous spot in the desert is Mesaieed, where families and couples can enjoy an entire night in the middle of the desert. Located at about 64 kilometers to the south of Doha, you can now book a private vehicle and enjoy the finest buffet dinings under the starry night skies of the desert in Mesaieed.

5. The Falcon Souk, Doha

Have you ever seen a Falcon in real life? You can see them now at the Falcon Souk in Doha for a glimpse of the most magnificent and historically significant creatures of Qatar. The influence of Falconry has been prevalent in Qatar since the time of its emergence in ancient times. They are a symbol of prime heritage and power in Qatar are therefore highly respectable as well.

Visit this beautiful Falcon Souk and get a close-up view of these giant creatures resting on the porch of showrooms. However, make sure that your presence does not bring any harm to these creatures because it is considered a crime to do so in Qatar.

Book your tickets today!

Are you planning to visit Qatar during your next holiday season? Let us tell you that apart from the few tourist destinations mentioned above, Qatar is also a great place for shopping, especially if you are visiting during the summers. There are a large number of stores which offer various discounts and prizes during this time, be it local markets or the online shopping sites in Qatar, you will find plenty of deals to sum up your visit.

So, make no detours anymore and finalize on the list of the top spots to visit and top things to do today!

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