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Top 7 Note-Taking App For Busy Writers In 2020

What do you do when inspiration to write strikes you, search for your little notepad in your ever-so-crowded bag? Well, that’s what every writer struggles with until now as here is a list of some of the most helpful and useful mobile apps to assist you with writing hassles.

As you know, the world is speedy where industries are experiencing a technological shift and people are being traumatized with the competition; the unparalleled determination to beat the other. In such a time, it’s imperative to gather resources that can help you smartly. The days of ruffling papers to find good tips you once have saved are long gone. Now it’s all about getting digitized. So, check out the list of best note-taking app you must download in 2020.

1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps with a bunch of features. The app is capable of exhibiting the highest standards of professionalism and ease of usability with its seamless interface. It provides the facility to create sketches, write quick notes, schedule your appointments using the in-built notification feature, and even compose long-length content. You can do a lot using Evernote and the best thing is it provides an extensive cloud backup facility. So, none of your thoughts is going to get missed ever. You can be more creative and expressive when it comes to owning an Evernote app.

2. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote, a full features note-taking app can do a lot more than just providing you with content-related facilities. The Evernote app is purely used for corporate purposes where the Microsoft version has a bit informal and interesting interface. You can add content and even customize the background easily using the many themes the app provides. It looks like a textured digital paper. You get the feel of typing on a real paper and in this way, it connects with the writers more specifically.

3. Apple Notes

Apple’s built-in note-taking app facilitates its users with a pretty long list of features. It not only provides the basic app features including different fonts or tags to categorize your content but makes it easier to share notes with your family and friend. You can share your note with your friend using and can update it in real-time. It makes it easier to manage common errands. Moreover, apart from writing you can even make doodles in a different style. You can attach files and save images to create a proper rough report. It’s something even the writers offering wiki page creation prefer using it.

4. Google Keep

In a writer’s life, saving thoughts and ideas that pop in a flash and disappear in a blink as usual. The real struggle is keeping them saved in someplace safe and getting reminded of having them as well. Google Keep is just the right app that can help you in composing your notes with its digital note-taking interface. You can choose your desired color and prioritize your notes as per your needs. It is the simplest method to create and manage your notes. The best thing about your app is that you get to link it with other Google apps like Google Drive, Docs, and sheets.

5. Notion

The Notion is credible for having a powerful search and a bundle of other features. It’s not just a typical note-taking app instead it has a well-organized interface with sheets and data storing assets. It has features of a to-do list as well and options where you can share a huge number of notes with other members of your team.

6. Boostnote

Boostnote is an open-source app with features to edit your text and customize it as per your choice. Its interface is embedded with a bunch of other aspects, which motivate the user. You will feel more encouraged to store notes once you have started using the app as it provides simplicity and eases. There are no hefty formulas to crack its functionality; everything is present there with easy-to-use features.

7. Milanote

Milanote is not just an app for writers but it’s a perfect choice for designers as well. It’s like a mood board where you can mix and edit multiple designs. You can create a proper checklist turning it into a top-do-list app. It has an interface that can cater to multiple types of artists.

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