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Top Famous Attractions And Interesting Things To Do In All Of South India

As many wanderers and travel aficionados knows that South India is known for its iconic massive temple complexes that were built in this geographical area throughout the history of India. This different craft and architecture known as the Dravidian architecture (refers to the diverse group of people whose native language belong to the Dravidian language family, mostly in southern part of India). Having said that, South India signals of five Indian states named Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

South India is famous for reasons mentioned below:

  1. Monumental architecture temple
  2. Glimpse to the regions rich history
  3. Religious daily life of south India

If you think that the cities of South India are just about Ayurveda and meditation, you might be mistaken. A trip to the southern India can prove to be an epic journey of your life considering the range of holidaying options that it offers. Whether a beach vacation is on your mind or you are looking for a wildlife vacation or a backwater trip, the cities in the southern India will provide it all. The Nilgiri Ranges and the Palani Hills of the south are known for their virgin natural beauty along with a flora and fauna which is both rare and exotic.

A cultural tour to this part of India brings you closer to the customs and traditions that have withstood the taste of time and are observed with all the dedications and commitment.

A brilliant mix of tradition, cuisine and culture awaits you in the cities of southern India. From cities like Alleppey, the Venice of the East and Cochin, the Queen of the Arabian Sea to Mysore, the City of Palaces, you have a lot to see, experience and remember.

On the other, there are dazzling hi-tech cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad in the state of Karnataka. And then there are cities like Trivandrum and Cochin that present to you a wonderful mix of the classic and the contemporary. So, are you ready for your trip to southern India?


Kerala, the God’s own country, is a land of tranquil palm groves dotted with brilliant green paddy fields, tea, coffee and rubber plantations, pungent spices and miles of narrow canals and waterways. Here is a journey that takes you through varied attractions of Kerala. Stay at the hill resort of Munnar amidst tea and cardamom plantations and the Houseboat cruise in the palm-shaded waterways is both rewarding and relaxing. However, few natural destinations like the Trichur forest and Lakkidi Gateway find a spot amongst these most haunted places in Kerala.


Set amidst lagoons and backwaters on the Malabar Coast, Cochin is also known as the ‘ Venice of the East’. Over the centuries Europeans have traded ivory, spices and teak. The British, Dutch and Portuguese left their influence on this great city. Afternoon a Sunset harbour cruise to see Bolgahtty Island and the Chinese fishing nets.

After that, consider visiting the Dutch Palace, with its 17th century murals of Ramayana. The Jewish Synagogue, built in 1568, contains the Grand Scroll of the Old Testament. Also visit Fort Cochin and St Francis Church, the oldest European church in India. Vasco de Gama, who discovered India, was first buried here.


Depart by road to Munnar, a hill resort in the midst of cardamom and tea plantations, on the Western Ghats. Situated on the confluence of three mountain streams, this British summer retreat of the Raj has lakes, reservoirs and lush green forests. Munnar is a major centre for the tea industry in Kerala.

Visit to tea and spice plantations to see how the crops are grown. Munnar is close to Anaimudi (2695m), the highest peak in South India and offers plenty of nature walks. Do not forget to visit  the nearby Mattupetty Dam & Evarikulam National park to see the Nilgiri Thar (wild goat). This park is also rich in varieties of bird life.


Drive to Periyar National Park, which is noted for its elephant herds and a rich variety of bird life. Famous activities include the afternoon wildlife viewing by boat where you can trace down the variety of wildlife and natural vegetation. It gives a calming and soothing experience.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu caters all sets of visitors be it honeymoon couple, vacationers, travelers. A new era of history stands before of your eye in this state. Freezing Tamil Naduis way of rejuvenarating tired spirit of yours’. Tamilnadu is enjoys the pride of having beautiful hills of India. Ooty is called the “Hill Capital of Tamil Nadu”.


The famous tea farms of Ooty make it the most sought-after picnic ground. Kodaikanal enthralls its sightseers with the lush green Pali hills. Ketti has the highest railway station at an elevation of 7,000 ft. Elk Falls, Catherine Falls, healthy climate I allures you and you respond to it irrestiably. Mind is going to be heavy while leaving these lush green hills of Tamilnadu. The golf lovers will get a fantastic golf course to play around. The hills with Natural splendor, effortless of traveling, is fabulous recoil for any leisure holidays.Honeymoon is the perfect way to start a new life and in this time newly weds wants to be left alone by others. It is the time for fun and relaxes.

Romantic Places

Romantic drive to Ooty, Kodaikana, Palani is to bring out the romantic person in you. Orchards of fruit are going to welcome you as soon as you enter Kodaikanal. Walking through woods while holding hands of your beloved ones and lending your ears to the sweet twittering, chirping of the birds in the backdrop is so romantic. Find out the British legacies that ruled this honeymoon destination on the Western Ghats. Honeymoon in Tamilnaduis going to be remembered for the rest of the life.

Temples in Tamil Nadu

The various shrines of the state are also very attractive. The architectures of the temples holds you back. Embellish yourself and your beloved from the blessings of the deities of the temples. Going for the Meenakshi Temple and Nataraja Temple, Arudpadai temples and Navagraha temples is very pleasurable one. The Ayuvedic treatment that is done here is another thing to go for refreshment.

You may have visited various exotic places and a list is lying before you about tourist destinations. Just visit Tamilnadu this time, for the fact it ensures you with the best for your vacation.

Andhra Pradesh

Ap is called as The Food bowl of South India and it is completely deserved to refer the place with that term. During the peak time Ap Tourism board arranges forest safari in the jungle and it will be enthralling for each and every tourist as well. Some of the tourist would never ever hear about the forest safaris and this will be a new experience for them. Ap Tour is very famous for temples and shrines as much as it is famous for wildlife. Along with that the tour agents will take the sightseer to the museums, palaces and etc.


Andhra Pradesh is very well famous for its temples like Thirupathi and sri Kalahasti as well. Moreover millions and millions of devotees were coming all the way to here to visit the temples. The Thirupathi is the richest temple in India which is located beyond seven mountains in Andhra Pradesh. It is strongly believed that if the people visited Thirupathi then they will never feel down in economic conditions. Andhra Pradesh Tourism board puts special budget for maintaining the divine place and they take more concern about the hygienic of the very place. Many people are coming to Andhra Pradesh only to visit Thirupathi and devote the temple.

Culture and Tradition

Hyderabad is the cApital of Andhra Pradesh state and it is the place of culture and tradition as well. Nowadays it is the place where the information technology is developing as well as the latest technology is being adopted and used here. The city of Hyderabad is completely a developed city and it is still developing in all aspects.

The state of Ap is located in the southern part of India and situated near by Bay of Bengal. The state is sharing its border with other states Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra as well. Despite it sharing its border to other state, Ap culture and tradition was influenced heavily with these states.


The prime centre to visit in Telangana is its capital city Hyderabad itself. Hyderabad is the capital of India’s eleventh largest state, Telangana, and dates back to the 16th century. Today a visit to Golconda, once famed for its diamond mines (the famous Kohinoor diamond of the British Crown was mined here), with its imposing 13th century fort. Also visit the Charminar, Mecca Masjid and the Salarjung Museum. There are some infamous sites such as the Ramoji Film City and the Dedh Lakh Ghar, attributed as the most haunted places in Hyderabad.



Bangalore is noted for its gardens, tree-lined avenues and Gothic churches. You can consider having a tour of the city visiting the Tipu Sultan’s palace & Fort, Bull temple, Botanical garden and the impressive Vidhan Sabha.


Drive to Sirangapatnam and visit the summer palace and fort of Tipu Sultan who was defeated by the British in 1799. Also visit Sriranganathswamy temple. Continue on to Mysore, renowned for sandalwood, teak and incense.

City tour of Mysore visiting the City Palace of the Maharaja of Mysore built in Indo-Saracenic style and the museum. Drive to visit Chamundi Hill where a huge statue of Nandi Bull overlooks the city. Explore the colourful Devraja fruit and Vegetable market.


Leave for Hassan en-route visit Shravanabelgola, with its huge monolithic statue of Gomateshwara (17- metres tall). Visit the Hoysala temples at Belur and Halebid renowned for their fine sculptures and design.


Full day sightseeing of Vijayanagar and Hampi ruins that date back to 14th century. Vijayanagar, one of the largest Hindu Empires in India’s history, spread from Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal and covered all the Deccan Plateau (Peninsular India). The greatness of the city is still evident from the Vitala and the Hazara temples, the stone chariot, Lotus Mahal and Queen’s bath. In 1565, the Muslim rulers attacked it, giving it the name, the Pompeii of India.

Other Parts

Drive to Aihole, the cradle of stone temple architecture of the southern Dravidian school. The temples date back to the early Chalukyas period, 5th century A.D. Continue on to Badami visiting en-route the temples at Pattadakal, referred by Ptolemy in the 1st century A.D as Petrigal. Next to it, visit the hilltop temples with rock-cut shrines and the splendid cave temples adorned with carvings.

Depart for Bijapur. Afternoon tour visiting the magnificent Gol Gumbaz and the beautiful tomb of Ibraham Raza. Take a overnight stay. Next morning, drive to Gulbarga. Afternoon sightseeing includes a visit to the Jama Masjid with its huge dome. Consider taking an overnight stay in Gulbarga. After breakfast leave for Hyderabad visiting en-route the monuments at Bider. 

These were some of the top notch destinations through out the south Indian region. Which of the aforementioned locations lured you the most. Tell us in the comment below. Happy Travelling.

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