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Quick and Easy Tips for The First-time Traveler

Traveling the world is on most of our bucket lists, but the thing about traveling is that you need to have more of a plan; it cannot be spontaneous. If you are doing a day trip, then it won’t be much of a problem for you. However, when planning to travel for several days, it is necessary to have plans in place to ensure that your trip goes exactly as planned. 

There aren’t many complexities to what you should bring—just a few essentials that will aid you on your journey. We’ve compiled a list of important tips that I believe would be beneficial to any travel beginner. There are numerous factors to consider before leaving the house, so keep reading.

Invest in quality equipment.

If you are traveling to several locations, your two most crucial investments before leaving home will be a sturdy backpack that fits you well and a good, comfortable pair of shoes. If you must indulge, do so for these two necessities. These items can be costly to purchase, but keep in mind that they will last you a long time. You don’t want to buy cheap items and be stuck in traffic if their journey is stopped in the middle. So keep in mind that it is critical to spend on high-quality products.

Have Travel Insurance

Look, no one likes to spend money on foreign travel insurance. But go ahead and do it anyway. Take our word for it. Some of them believe that investing in travel insurance is a waste of money, but you’ll see the value of it afterward. And if someone tells you that you don’t need insurance, disregard them and obtain it anyway.

Talk to your bank

If you start spending money in a foreign nation without warning, your bank will flag your account, and trust me, you don’t want to find yourself in a strange country with no access to your bank account. You could also inquire about overseas transaction costs with your bank and credit card firms. If they are extremely high, try opening an account with a bank like Charles Schwab, which charges no foreign transaction costs and reimburses all ATM fees regularly.

Brush up on safety tips

No, you should not be afraid to go around the world. However, you should be cautious while traveling. Investigate backpacking and travel safety advice, and then stay aware of your surroundings and keep them in mind throughout your journey.

You can begin investigating the safest locations to travel to right now and, as you gain confidence, move on to other destinations.

Participate in a job exchange program to extend your stay.

Working and living with locals may be the cheapest and coolest way to immerse yourself in a vacation, allowing you to stay longer and have a unique cultural experience. Worldpackers is an excellent venue for getting started with volunteering because it offers a wide range of programs all around the world. Furthermore, they have qualified staff to assist you and your host in having a great and safe time.

Learn about your destination.

We can’t emphasize this first-time visitor suggestion enough. Before you travel, learn about your destination.

  • Is it acceptable to haggle?
  • Is it customary to leave a tip?
  • What is suitable clothing in certain situations?
  • What kind of weather can you expect while you’re here?
  • Are there any well-known local scams to be aware of?

All of these are crucial questions to have answered before departing.

Pack lightly.

“Pack light,” is one of the key suggestions I’d give to first-time travelers, especially if they wish to backpack. Give it a test run to become acquainted with the amount of weight you intend to carry. Spend a day or two going about your daily activities while wearing your fully-packed bag. After you’ve done this, chances are you’ll be more willing to lose excess weight before you go.

Medicine should be packed.

Never skimp on the fundamentals for stress-free travel, and a first-aid kit is a must. Bring a variety of medicines, especially if you’re visiting a nation where you don’t speak the language, as well as bandages, antibiotic ointment, medications, and so on. Make sure you have plenty of any daily medications you may be taking.

Bring a journal

If you keep a journal regularly, this may already be on your list. If not, it’s something you should think about. Trip notebooks make excellent souvenirs, but even if journaling isn’t your thing, you’ll wish you had some paper and a pen at some point.

Consider synthetic materials and layers while packing garments.

Synthetic clothing is lighter and dries faster than cotton, making it ideal for travel. Layers are a fantastic way to travel between warmer and cooler locales without packing two completely different wardrobes.

Bring a backup battery pack.

When I was in a new city, my phone died, I didn’t have enough money for the bus or streetcar, and we couldn’t call an Uber. We also weren’t sure how to get back to my hostel without GPS. We eventually returned, but it would have been a lot less stressful if We had an extra battery to charge my phone.

Hide your money in several places.

A money belt is a wonderful investment. Never keep all of your money in one area in case your bag, coat, or other belongings are lost or stolen. Keep some money on you, some in your bag, and some safely stashed at your hotel or hostel.

Also, do not keep all of your money in the same place; if you lose the back or wallet in which you keep your money, it will disrupt your travel plans.

Stay in hostels with a free breakfast or prepare your meals.

By taking advantage of free meals and cooking when possible, you can save a lot of money over time. Many hostels include complimentary breakfast or, at the very least, a kitchen where you can make meals. If you prefer to volunteer, you may be able to do so in almost any type of project, including farms, ecovillages, communities, and NGOs.

Engage with locals

The best information comes from the locals. They can provide you with much more insight into the local culture than you would by simply talking to other travelers. They can advise you on which areas of the city are safe to visit and suggest undiscovered attractions for you to visit. Begin by speaking to the person at the front desk of your hotel or hostel. Your host would be ideal if you were volunteering!

Self-care is important.

Even if it sometimes seems like it, life continues even when we are on vacation. Getting sick while trekking is the worst possible scenario. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t occasionally indulge in that extra drink or eat all the delectable local cuisine, but remember to look after yourself. Try to eat one healthy meal a day at least, remember to drink water, and give your body time to relax and repair. When traveling, keep snacks on hand because carrying a backpack causes you to expend more calories than usual, and you’ll need them for energy.

Be adaptable

Be flexible with your plans, and remember to give yourself some downtime. Make a list of items to cross off your bucket list for each stop along the way, but leave a few days open in case you need more time to recover, the weather is bad one day, or you meet some interesting new people and want to do something fun together.

Be wary of public WiFi hotspots.

Find out which locations in your area offer free WiFi and keep track of them (think McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.). As soon as you enter a new city, download city maps to your phone. If you aren’t connected to WiFi, you can still utilize it after that.

Talk to your loved ones and acquaintances.

Before you depart, distribute your itinerary to a few different members of your family or close friends. Make it a practice to follow up with them regularly after that. If something goes wrong on your backpacking trip, having someone who is aware of your whereabouts and expects you to check in each day can make all the difference. It might only mean sending an email before you go to bed each night.

We sincerely hope these tips for first-time travelers have been useful. Although backpacking is undoubtedly a learning experience, it becomes simpler with practice, and you’re bound to pick up some tips and tricks.

Traveling is the most refreshing thing you can be involved in in 2023. In these busy lives that we live, it is important to get a change of scenery and clear our minds, and there is nothing better to do. And with these tips, we assure you that your travel will go just as planned.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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