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Traditional and Modern Gifts for Wedding Anniversary by Milestone Years

Are you accomplishing another year of your wedding in the next few days? Heartiest congratulations to you, lovebirds! It calls for a flamboyant celebration of your conquest of love. 

wedding gifts

So, what would be your present for your loved one? Every time an event comes, we get perplexed thinking of the various gifting options. But in this situation, you don’t need to dwell along numerous lanes to find a suitable present. 

From middle age, the habitual gifting custom is going on for each completed year of the wedding anniversary. These themes were set based on a couple’s state of a relationship on the milestone anniversaries. However, modern themes are established as per the couple’s needs and preferences. 

Here you will find out all traditional and modern gifts as per the milestone anniversary years.

1st  Year

Traditional Gift – Paper

As per the custom, both of you should bestow a piece of blank paper to each other where you can write your feelings. Rather than giving a plain sheet, you can render an item of use keeping the convention in mind. Book a couple of tickets for spending a vacation. 

Modern Gift – Clock

The clock is the symbol of time passed and the long span coming ahead. A personalized clock imprinting your couple’s picture is the ideal gift for the first anniversary.


The emblematic blooms for the maiden anniversary are carnations, thus order a bouquet of red carnations, and, if you are in Mumbai and want to send flowers then can try online services as well.

Gems Stone

The mother of pearl is the gemstone for this year. You will have watches and ornaments prepared using the mother of pearl as your offering.

5th Year

Traditional Gift – Wood

wedding gifts

This theme is conceptualized from the rigidity of the trees, which combat the storms. The couple also stands with each other in several difficult times during the first 5 years of their marriage. A wooden swinging chair or a bookshelf for your booklover spouse would be great.

Modern Gift – Silverware

Silver sharpens our brain. So it is nice to bestow silverware such as a silver bowl or glass.


Provide the symbol of happiness- the daisy bouquet on your 5th anniversary.


wedding gifts

Grasp rose quartz ornamented jewelry to enhance your love.

10th Year

Traditional Gift – Tin/ Aluminum

Completing a decade of married life is compared with tin, which is durable and doesn’t get tarnished with the passing time. On the other hand, aluminum is malleable like both of your characteristics. You can bring a box of tin or aluminum to keep your papers or other required items safely.

Modern Gift – Diamond Jewelry

wedding gifts

The beauty and the value of the diamond exactly represent your married life. There are endless options for diamond jewelry obtainable. You can choose anything as per your preference.


When thinking of a bouquet to present, bestow a 10th – anniversary flower bouquet filled with daffodils, which represent a new beginning.


The gorgeous crystals are the 10th-anniversary gemstone. A personalized rotating crystal cube or a crystal wind chime will shine in your house.

25th Anniversary

Silver is the theme for the silver jubilee anniversary as per traditional as well as modern gift ideas. This shiny precious metal is compared with your bonding and love. Jewelry, utensils, god or goddess idol, or anything else made of silver can be rendered as a gift to your partner.

wedding gifts


Surprise your other half with the symbol of faith and hope- an iris bouquet at midnight of your 25th-anniversary date.


Tsavorite is the gemstone for the silver jubilee celebration that helps in finding the inner beauty within the self. Provide your partner with a tsavorite engraved silver jewelry to make your spouse realize he/she is still attractive.

50th Anniversary

Not at all surprising that gold is the gifting suggestion for all ages for your golden jubilee wedding anniversary. Being a highly pricy metal, gold is an ideal gifting element for completing the half-century of your marital journey. Gold represents wealth and optimism which makes it the absolute gifting element for this milestone. Grab anything from bangles to rings to a pendant, the profusion of gold ornaments in the shop for your precious someone only next to your kin.


Express love to your partner with the symbol of love and innocence- the violet bouquet. You can also bring a bunch of yellow roses that can fill your life with joy and pleasure.


There is no variation in the case of gemstone also for your 50th-anniversary except gold.

 60th Anniversary

None other than the diamond is the ideal present for a jewel couple on the diamond jubilee. Diamond is the hardest substance that is impossible to break like your marriage. Accomplishing 60 years together makes you as esteemed as the diamonds. Diamond rings, broaches, and earrings are some optimum choices to fit this occasion.


There is no such specific flower to celebrate the diamond jubilee anniversary. You can grasp a bouquet of pure white flowers with lavender sticks in contrast to present your beloved.

So you got a handful of ideas for your milestone anniversaries. The most worthy gift would be your love and support for your spouse, which is unchangeable for all lifelong.

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