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9 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Spouse

If both you and your partner have the travel bug or one of you has it which is enough for both of you, then what are you waiting for? Grab two backpacks and get into vacation mode. Build memories full of new experiences, the travel highs and lows, and everything in between. They say that travel is the ultimate litmus test for people in a relationship because this is when you and your partner crawl out of their comfort zones and you get to see how your partner is when situations are different from their usual taste and preference. Or better yet, it is a great way to explore things that are away from the ‘usual’ and closer to something you both look forward to. Plan a trip together and you would know what we imply here. 

Traveling can be hard or like a cakewalk. This totally depends on you both.

We are here to lay down the reasons why traveling with your partner can be so important.

1. Grow & Evolve Together, Travel to Know Each Other All Over Again

You might have been together for months or even years and truly love each other. But as time passes, people grow and evolve. How beautiful would it be to grow together? Traveling together presents the same opportunity to couples because travel is one such tool that helps people grow and evolve. It tests your personality and mental bandwidth to manage and respond to different situations such as tolerating transit delays, itinerary hiccups, etc. When you travel together, you learn to manage these offbeat situations together. You get to work on patience and switching off the panic mode when adversity strikes and you get to do this together. 

2. Sweeten Your Relationship By Relying on Each Other 

We get so independent in our lives that time teaches us to manage everything on our own. Our parents teach us this. But there is something romantic and sweet to see that you have someone who you can blindly depend upon or be more responsible together. You get to be there for each other and with each other for the large and small things. Now, that is a sweet thing to do and know. Travel poses the perfect way to emotionally and practically deepen the relationship where you are more open about things and the way of life. If you travel together, you also get to know who can manage what and what you can look after. In simple terms, you learn to play different roles together.

3. Travel Outside the Comfort Zone Together

Traveling is not a one-way street. There are various turns along the way which might even require stepping outside the comfort zone. For instance, you are famished and do not like seafood, but that is the only thing you can avail of at the moment. You have to try it if you do not want to listen to stomach growls all night long. And this can happen to either of you. It is nice to see how your partner steps out of their comfort zone for you and sometimes for the experience itself. How do you adapt or go on a trip to a foreign land with a starkly different culture and language from your own? It might require a lot of stepping outside the comfort zone for some and much less for many. The crux is that you get to do this together with love and patience. 

4. Travel to Revive Together

If you are an eco-conscious traveler or going on a trip with the purpose of healing and rejuvenation, there is nothing sweeter and deeper than doing it with the person you love, inspiring each other, motivating each other to rekindle the inner light that gets doused by the humdrum of regular life. This brings yoga retreats and yoga teacher training tours to mind. You can backpack to India, particularly Goa where you can experience a rich blend of hippie lifestyle combined with beachside adventures and healing retreats. Go with a 200-hour Yoga TTC in Goa or pick the best yoga teacher training course in Goa and you would discover a whole new side of nature that syncs so beautifully with the mind, body, and soul to bring you even closer to yourself and to each other.

5. Travel Together to Test the Waters in Your Relationship

Are you overbearing or flexible? Is your partner overbearing or can make the best of the situation? Maybe you both used to be both in the earlier phases of marriage and now, you are not sure if you both can make the best of the situation or not feel dampened by a calamity. A tour can give you a reality check on this and you both would either come out strongly after a tour or you would get a clearer picture of the pain points that your relationship needs immediate attention that you both might have been putting on the back burner for long. 

6. Travel for Effortless Romance 

Just like testing the waters in your relationship, travel is also a great opportunity to engage in romantic escapades that are effortless and only bring you closer to each other. We get so bogged down by our daily schedules at times that we almost forget how our partner is doing and the romantic gestures that used to be common, become a rarity. When you take a travel breather together to a land far away into the lap of nature and a different lifestyle altogether, these elements automatically work to revive the romantic moments that turn into interesting stories which you cherish together for a long time to come. 

7. To Rekindle the Spark

Of course, this goes without saying. If your bed has been cold for some time, a tour certainly gives you the space and time to rekindle that spark and bring the action back to the bedroom or whichever place you want to. It is time to go crazy. 

8. Discover New Stories While Exploring Each Other from a Fresh Perspective

Travel means stories, loads and loads of them. When you visit a new place, there are bound to be some adventures, and new experiences, whether in terms of culture, food, activity, or the overall ambiance. This also leads you to discover a whole new side of your spouse in a different setting. Now, that sounds like fun!

9. Build Epic Memories Together

You might or might not be fond of photography, but most of us are fond of capturing moments on our phones or cameras that we can look back at a later date. Whether you are trying out something new or revisiting an old place, it is fun to share those experiences with the one you love and share them for years to come. 

Live, love, and travel!

Author: Ankita Sharma, Blogger since 2015, she loves sharing ideas and experiences about her two biggest passions: Travel and Wellness. Her blogs and stories are published and loved by readers on various travel, yoga, Ayurveda, and lifestyle platforms in India and abroad.

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  1. One more reason to travel with a spouse is the availability of time to contemplate on future. Together you plan on raising a family, shaping life, and many more things.


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